Our company which was established in 1994 under "Özpa Tekstil" trade title achieved a substantial growth in only 4 years. The growth which was acquired in a relatively short time led Özpa Tekstil to create its own brand. Tony Montana, the protagonist of "Scarface" movie, was selected as the brand name in 1998 in that the character was associated with improvement and success just as the company itself which was able to grow amazingly in such a short time. As of 2010s, Tony Montana products are marketed in more than 50 countries as 100% domestic production. Our brand symbolizes the quality and elegance of Turkish products in those countries. Thanks to the philosophy of growth that is adopted under Tony Montana brand, the company has turned out to be a leading brand in the industry. We take inspiration from the movie character “Tony Montana” who became a real idol all over the world as we make efforts to achieve our aim which is to become a generic brand initiating new trends in the world.



Our mission is to reach to each of the countries without making concessions from our product quality.


Our vision is to be one of the 10 brands in the world with 100% Turkish capital known in world market.